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Rocky’s Pit Stop BIG BLOW OUT SALE!!!
Sunday 11/10 from 10am-12pm.

Rocky’s Pit Stop (Inside Milan Dragway)
Everything is on sale…A BIG sale!!!
Fuel is below cost! See below…
Nitrous $4 a pound
Helmets $99
Tee’s $9
Hoodie’s $14
Hats $12
$45 a 5 gallon pail: T2, T4, VPR, C85, M1, M3, M5, C85
$55 a 5 gallon pail: MS93, MS101, 113, MS93, X16, X98, CHP
$65 a 5 gallon pail: Perf Unleaded/MS101, C12, C10, MS100
$75 a 5 gallon pail: U4.4, C14, C14+, C16, Q16, C50, NO2
$95 a 5 gallon pail: C45, C23, C25
$105 a 5 gallon pail: MR12, VP Import, MRX02
Any questions call Rocky’s at 734-439-0538.


Based on how early the low temperatures have set in this year, we’ve made the decision to cancel the remainder of the 2019 Race Season.

You never know what kind of weather November will bring so we schedule out as far as we can. Some years you win, some years you lose. This year Mother Nature wins as we are pulling the tree in for the season today.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2020. Keep an eye out for information about our Champions Party and the 2020 Racing Schedule.