When Can I Race?

**We have bracket racing almost every Sunday April 28th through October 20th

When don't we have a Sunday bracket race?**

~ Sunday, August 25th we are closed.

Special bracket race events!!

The first bonus is the GOLD CARD RACE. This will be on Sunday, May 12th at Bracket Points Race #2. The winner of all four classes will receive a Gold Card for the rest of our Sunday bracket races for the season. Detroit Dragway Reunion includes many bracket classes that are open to any year of car, unlike Nostalgia. This is on Saturday, June 1st. Be prepared for a long day, but I’m telling you it’s a whole lot of fun and a heck of a show.

We will be having a two day bracket race Saturday, June 15th through Sunday, June 16th. We will be doing a three race, two day format like usual. On Sunday, June 16th we will have the NHRA All Access Challenge race where each of the four winners goes home with a Wally. Spend your Father’s Day chasing that

Nostalgia Drags will be Friday through Sunday September 20th-22nd. This will be open to cars that are 1990 and older. Again, this racing is competitive, and the exhibition show never fails to WOW people.