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Aeroquip Friday Night

Heads Up

May 1st

Heads Up revised 

FAN DAY - May 24th

Fan Day


Detroit Dragway Reunion

Saturday June 13th

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Drag Racing 101

2014 DR 101 front

Rocky New

Rocky's Pit Stop

Rocky's carries all blends of VP for your fuel needs and they are located right here at Milan Dragway.

You can also pick up the latest Milan Dragway and NHRA t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats.



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King of Track

Junior Drag Racing League








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                                           2015 Friday Night Heads Up Series

RWYB Outlaw 10.5 Drag Radial All Motor Motor City Muscle

Open Comp

Pro Bike/Sled Outlaw Sled
Winner $2,000 Winner $1,500 Winner $1,500  Winner
Winner $750* Winner  $1,000   Winner $750* Winner $750
RU $500  RU $500  RU $500   RU $500 RU $250* RU $300  RU $250*  RU $250
Semi's $250  Semi's $200  Semi's $200  Semi's $200 Semi's $100* Semi's $150 Semi's $100*  Semi's $100
1/4's $100  1/4's $100  1/4's $100  1/4's $100   1/4's $50*  1/4's $100   1/4's $50*       
                       1/8's $50  1/8's $50  1/8's $50                                         
8 car field  16 car field  16 car field  16 car field 16 car field  48 car field 16 bike field       
Entry $100  Entry $75  Entry $75  Entry $75   Entry $75    Entry $50  Entry $75 Entry $75


*Motor City Muscle Challenge must have 5 or more cars for full payout.

*Pro Bike/Sled class must have 5 or more bikes/sleds for full payout.

$100 will be paid to the #1 qualifier in each of the classes listed below this year at every Friday Night Heads Up event.

                             CLASS                 #1 QUALIFIER SPONSOR

              Heating Coooling                 

                 RUN WHAT YA BRUNG

           Unlimited Truck    


        Diamond Pistons

                       OUTLAW 10.5

    Billy Briggs 

                      VP RAcing



                     Liberty's Gears

                          ALL MOTOR 

          Shirt Works    


       Holbrook   Team Z    

          MOTOR CITY MUSCLE CHALLENGE            



                          OPEN COMP



                      OUTLAW SLED


     PRO BIKE/SLED            


   Owen Towing and Auto Parts will be paying an additional $100 per race in the Open Comp class to anyone that makes a "Perfect Run" during eliminations.    

























Contingency Sponsors  

                                              Liberty Gears    


Winners at each event will receive $200 and runner ups will receive $100.

Must have decal on car and use product

Decals will be available at the track.