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Rocky New

Rocky's Pit Stop

Rocky's carries all blends of VP for your fuel needs and they are located right here at Milan Dragway.

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King of Track

Junior Drag Racing League







Car Show Nationals



Liberty's Gears

Junior Dragsters


13 to 18 year olds

Dial-in restricted to 7.90 or slower E.T. and 85 MPH or slower

No pullbacks


10 to 12 year olds

Dial-in restricted to 8.90 E.T. or slower

No pullbacks 


8 to 9 year olds

Dial-in restricted to 12.90 E.T. or slower

One (1) pullback: The driver must ENTIRELY break the staging beams to be pulled back by the starter only.


Race Procedures:

Cars will be randomly paired using one of a couple different methods. We will be mixing up what methods we use to keep things random. Sometimes cars may be pulled side-by-side with a bye run being randomly chosen, ladder based on reaction times in qualifying, card pulling, or chipping the juniors. If the laddering method is not used, after first round the junior with the best reaction time the previous round will receive the bye run if there is an odd amount of cars.


General Safety:

All safety equipment must be in place until the driver is completely off the track and comes to a complete stop. Drivers who loosen their safety equipment or remove it prior to coming to a full stop may be subject to disqualification. Any driver whose head is seen outside of the roll cage prior to coming to a complete stop may be subject to disqualification.


All NHRA rules apply and all drivers must have a license.



Junior Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals

Bristol, TN.  July 21-23, 2016

All points members are eligible to participate. 


Summit Racing Equipment Jr. Drag Racing League Body Rule Clarification
Following several discussions about the new body requirements for the Summit Racing Equipment Jr. Drag Racing League, the NHRA has developed a set of guidelines to help clarify whether your car does or does not meet the new rule.  Please click on the link below to view this set of guidelines.  If you still are unclear about your vehicle, please direct all questions to the NHRA Technical 


 Jr Drag Series

2016 NHRA JR Dragster Rulebook 


Minor Waiver

(must be printed in color, notarized and both sides filled out )