Junior Dragster Rules & Information

2019 Liberty’s Gears Junior Dragster Points

All points standings can be expected to be updated 1 week after race day



Outlaw Junior: Milan Dragway does not run or allow Outlaw Junior rules. 


Age: 13 to 18 | Dial In Restriction: 7.90 or slower and 85 MPH or slower | Pullbacks: None

Required to Run: Birth Certificate or Passport on file to prove age. Copy of JDRL License. Minor waiver form signed by parent or guardian.


Age: 10 to 12 | Dial In Restriction: 8.90 or slower | Pullbacks: None

Required to Run: Birth Certificate or Passport on file to prove age. Copy of JDRL License. Minor waiver form signed by parent or guardian.


Age: 6 to 9 | Dial In restriction: 8-9 year olds 11.90 & slower. 6-7 year olds 13.90 & slower

Pullbacks: Only one allowed when the driver entirely breaks the stage beam (beyond Deep Staged). The pullback may only be done by the Track Starter.

Required to Run: Track Approval. Birth Certificate or Passport on file to prove age. Copy of JDRL License. Minor waiver form signed by parent or guardian.

Novice Specific Rule: Driver's whose first time it is racing at Milan Dragway must speak to the Race Director or Tower Manager prior to making a pass as either a "driver interview" or abbreviated version of this is required prior to going down the track. This could also be done on a day prior to competition day. If the driver is already licensed, please bring that as it may expedite this process.

Rookie Ranks (5 year olds):

Age: 5 | ET Restriction: 20.00 & slower in the 1/8 mile | Solo passes only

Required to run: Driver Interview. Birth Certificate or Passport to prove age. Minor waiver form signed by parent or guardian.

The Rookies are limited on how many we can run per race day as a result of the time required to run them. You will be able to pre-register for this class via the Rockys Pit Stop website with first come, first serve availability at the gate if we are not full for the day. Anyone wanting to participate as a Rookie must speak directly with the Race Director PRIOR to coming out to race. We require "driver interviews" (where the junior dragster driver and car must be present) with this age group before we will agree to begin the licensing process or allow a previously licensed Rookie driver to run.

 2019 License Application

                                                                          2019 Minor Waiver

                                                                  2019 NHRA Junior Dragster Rulebook

The Race Director will have the ability to make a final decision on beginning the licensing process or postponing the Rookie Ranker's start date based on perceived readiness of the driver.

Pairing of cars:

Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice: Random pairing will be in effect. Tech cards or car numbers will be drawn from a hat in order to generate random pairs each round. In first round, the bye run will be random. After first round if there are an odd number of cars for the next round, the best winning reaction time from the previous round of racing will be awarded the bye run. In first round, the first car pulled in the pair will have lane choice. In all following rounds, the best reaction time from the previous round will have lane choice.


Housekeeping Rules: We expect everyone to adhere to these rules in order to run a more efficient and enjoyable program for all involved. 

  • All safety equipment must be in place until the driver is completely off the track and comes to a complete stop with the junior dragster shut off.

    • Drivers who loosen their safety equipment or remove it prior to coming to a full stop may be subject to disqualification. Any driver whose head is seen outside of the roll cage prior to coming to a complete stop may be subject to disqualification.

  • The role of Race Director supersedes the role of "parent" in this program. Both parents and participants are expected to listen to the direction of all Race Officials, Track Starter, and the Race Director. Their decisions are final and not subject to debate.

  • When junior classes are called to the lanes, you must bring the car up promptly (within 5 minutes) and proceed to suit up unless instructed otherwise by the staging officials.

  • We will no longer be waiting for people who arrive late to the lanes or those who opt to delay suiting up unnecessarily.

  • When an official waves you on whether it is out of the staging lanes, into the water, etc you are to follow that directive. We will no longer tolerate delaying starting juniors until both parents give each other the go ahead following the officials go ahead. The Race Official is in charge of the area. Their go ahead is sufficient.

  • Junior Dragsters in Advanced and Intermediate need to approach the stage beams and stage themselves. At this age, these drivers should be able to find the stage beam independently with these cars.

  • As is the case for big cars, if the crew is taking excessive time to send the driver forward the track starter may wave the car on. At this point, you must very quickly/immediately send the car forward to begin staging.

  • The tree cannot and will not be held for deep stagers. We know this presents a challenge, but it is outside of our capabilities to hold it.

·       All NHRA rules apply.


NHRA Junior Drag Racing League Eastern Conference Finals

Bristol, TN.  July 18-20, 2019

All points members are eligible to participate. 


Summit Racing Equipment Jr. Drag Racing League Body Rule Clarification
Following several discussions about the new body requirements for the Summit Racing Equipment Jr. Drag Racing League, the NHRA has developed a set of guidelines to help clarify whether your car does or does not meet the new rule.  Please click on the link below to view this set of guidelines.  If you still are unclear about your vehicle, please direct all questions to the NHRA
                                                               CLICK HERE FOR: