Sunday September 11, 2016's Bracket Race Results

Terry McKenzie took out Warren Smith in the first round of Masta Performance Pro when he left the line with his .013 light followed by Warren Smith leaving the line with a red light giving McKenzie the automatic win. Why does this come up in the race results? Because we saw these two meet again in the final round after Warren Smith bought back into second round. Warren Smith took off after almost a half second wait leaving the line with an .022 light, but that wasn't enough to catch up to Terry McKenzie who took the race win and a second win against Smith for the day thanks to his perfect (.000) reaction time! What a great start for Terry McKenzie heading down to Bracket Finals in Indy!!!

In Insurance Man Super Pro, Will Crawford, who we are used to seeing in his dragster on Sundays, took the win in the Camaro we normally see during Open Comp. Crawford and Richard Kirchen met up in the final round where they left the line almost 1.5 seconds apart but with the same reaction time. But Crawford ran closer to his dial with a 6.133 on a 6.11 dial compared to Kirchen's 4.683 on a 4.63 dial making Crawford the winner. Hopefully, this will be a good start to him for the Bracket Finals as well!

Louis Jeffery "defended the old guys" as he put it with his win over Codie Balcom in Sportsman. From the starting line it looked like Balcom would be the winner with his .005 light while Jeffery was .044. But the finish line is just as important and Balcom went through with a 12.363 on his 12.38 dial, while Jeffery ran an 11.511 on his 11.51 dial. You know what that means, break out for Falcom gives Louis Jeffery the Sportsman win.

With three classes down, we have one more to go. Super Pro Motorcycle saw another Joe Novak Sr. win making that two weeks in a row! Not even a buy back along the way to either of those wins. Mike Mullendore left the line first with a red light, but Novak Sr. would've been tough to beat anyways with his .012 light. Can Joe Novak Sr. make this a triple up in Indy this weekend as he will have two chances to do it first with the Race of Champions on Friday night and then with the main race on Saturday & Sunday!