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Washtenaw Community College High School & College Nationals and Junior Dragster #5

Gates open at 9 AM | Time Trials start at 10 AM

Eliminations around 12:30 PM

Burnout Contest right before 1st round of eliminations around noon

$25 to race | $15 to cheer on your friends

Junior Dragster Time Trials start around 12 PM | $20 for Junior Dragster Racers

If you are under 18, you have to have a parent consent form. If you have a driver's license, all you need is the parental consent form and your driver's license. If you are on a permit, you will need to be going 14.00 & slower with a parent in the car, your permit, and the consent form. Anyone racing that day must have a valid student ID for either a high school or college.

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