Friday, September 2nd's Aeroquip Heads Up Racing was some of the best I've seen in a long time!

In Mechanical Heating & Cooling Run What Ya Brung, Don Walsh Jr drove a personal best for the Skinny Kid Race Car machine at 3.64 in Q1, but the car broke after that pass and we never got to see them come back around to do it again! Dave Sullivan took another RWYB win though with his 4.29 to Mark Wisneski's 4.26. That just goes to show that even in heads up racing, your reaction time is important as that gave Sullivan the edge over the faster Wisneski.

Liberty's Gears All Motor, Brian Wolfe got it done with his 7.705 at 179.8 MPH next to David Theisen's 7.834 at 175 MPH. The air was amazing and I think these cars sped up just about every pass they made!

Don't even get me started about Diamond Pistons Outlaw 10.5... Ok, I started. Seriously, the slowest winner going into the semi-finals ran a 4.29. Since when can 4.29 go in a sentence with the word slow??? We were set to see a Wensley v St. Bernard face-off in the semi-final round, but Wensley's car was broke and unable to make the call giving Anthony St. Bernard the easy round win to make it to the final round against Tom Kempf who had defeated Bryan Metz to get there. Ultimately we saw Kempf make a 4.22 pass for the win over St. Bernard who didn't make a solid pass that round.

Mike Barran took home the big trophy for VP Racing Drag Radial this month as his 4.52 pass at 175 MPH was more than enough to take the win over David Harmer. All night long this class was exciting to watch as we watched car after car fly down the track, although this was pretty much in all the classes, not just Drag Radial. Also, wanted to give a shout out to Kevin Keeler whose team thrashed to have the car at this event and even though he didn't win the race he made his first ever 4.XX pass on Friday night with a 4.99.

Amsoil Open Comp saw a Don Bristow win over competitor Steve Carpenter. The red light out of slower car Carpenter finished that race as soon as it started. Bristol and Carpenter took out some "class favorites" in the semi-final round as they both treed their competitors.

Tony Veresuk left with another trophy for the Holbrook Racing Engines & Team Z Motorsports Motor City Muscle Challenge Class. Veresuk had a solid competitor come to play, but Pezzino wasn't able to make the final round run which gave us a 8.61 pass out of Veresuk on a solo final round pass.

Finally, OSDRA Outlaw Sled had a light turn out even though the class typically has a great showing, but that doesn't discredit Jeff Kerridge's 4.84 at 153 MPH which took the win over Chris Homrich's 5.58 pass.

Maybe this was long winded and a lot of words, but if you were here and saw all of this you would understand that there is a lot to say AND I didn't even say it all!!!

I guess you just better be here for the final race of the season on Friday, October 7th! Maybe then you'll understand!

Also, can I just say again how much I love being a part of this race!

-Krysti Baxter