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  McCormack Racing Sunday ET Points Series Information

The 2016 Sunday Points Series will consist of 12 races.

We offer four classes of competition: Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman, and Super Pro Bike.

Our top points racers to be known as "Team Milan" will be competing in the 40th Annual Summit Racing Series Finals at SummitLucas Raceway Park on September 16th-18th. Drivers are racing for over $70,000 in cash and contingency.

Team Milan will consist of 32 racers.



The Sunday Bracket program will start a mini-series on September 4th, 

   two weeks before the Bracket Finals. This is a 5 week series designed for racers

   that are not ready to put the car away for the winter. If you sign up for the

   McCormack Racing Sunday Bracket Points Chase then you will automatically

   be entered into the fall mini-series.


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  2015 Sunday Pit Talk



Gate opens: 9 A.M.

Time Trials: 10 A.M.

Eliminations: Around 12 P.M.

First round buys backs in all classes $20

Crew/Spectators $15



      Super Pro & Pro   $45

             Super Pro (Box) is 1/8th mile   

_ 45+ 25-44 24 or less
Winner $1,200 $1000 40%
RU $  350 $  300 20%
Semi $  125 $   80 10%
1/4's $    60 $   40 -
1/8's $    30 $   20 -
Sportsman $35
 30 or more cars
 Winner  $400
 RU  $150
 Semi  $75
 1/4's  $30
 29 or less cars
Winner $300
RU $100
Semi $50
1/4's $20
Super Pro Bike $35
Winner $300
RU $100
Semi $ 35

8 Bike Minimum

Super Pro                    Pro

 7.75 & faster          13.99 & faster

 Delay Box OK         No Delay Box allowed

                             No rear engines  dragsters  


11.50 and slower

Door cars only

No 2 steps or trans brakes

Note: NHRA will be

12.00 & slower


Super Pro Bike

   7.50 & slower

    Delay Box OK