Need to Know for Test & Tune

When can I Test & Tune?

In the beginning and the end of the season we do offer some Test & Tune only days on Saturdays and Sundays. Check out our schedule to find those dates. These days we open at 11:30 AM and run Test & Tune from 12 noon until 6 PM. The cost is $30.

We have Test & Tune every Wednesday during the season. Check our schedule for all the dates. The price is $30. You can make as many passes as you are able to during the time we are running for that.

On Sundays, our Test & Tune is more limited. The price is still $30, however, you will have the opportunity to make 3 passes. We will call up Test & Tune after the first and second time trial then will begin calling it up again most rounds after 2nd round. Test & Tune will never be run behind first round of elminations. You will have a punch card with three places. You may only make 3 passes on Sunday, but they can be spaced out throughout the day or made in 3 consecutive Test & Tune calls. You may only make one pass per call.

Test & Tune is a big part of our #SuperSaturday events and is run throughout the day that day. The cost this day is $30.