All Bikes Need                                                                    
Front & Rear Brakes
Chain Guards & Clutch Covers
Full Face Helmet - Snell 2005 or Higher
Leather Boots or Shoes Above Ankles
Leather Gloves
Leather Jacket or SFI Spec 40.1/1

120 mph & faster
Full Leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/2
If it is a two piece suit,
they must be zipped together at the waist

10.99 and faster
Ignition cut off "Kill Switch"

9.99 and faster
NHRA License


Liquid Overflow
Seat Belts
Neutral Safety Switch
Full Length Pants (No Shorts)
Short or Long Sleeve Shirt
Closed Shoes, Socks
Battery Mounted Securely
If Battery is Relocated an
External Cut Off is Required.

Helmet - Snell 2005 or Higher or M
Drive Shaft Loop (With Slicks)

Roll Bars and Roll Cages
11.00 - 11.49 Roll Bar
11.00 - 13.49 Roll Bar Convertible

10.99 and Quicker or 135 MPH Roll Cage
Unless it is a full body car with an unaltered firewall, floor, and body
(from firewall rearward, wheeltubs permitted), running
10.00 - 10.99 roll bar permitted

10.00 - 11.49
Aftermarket Rear Axles (10.99)
Harmonic Balancer (10.99)
Transmission Shield (10.99 or 135 MPH)
Drive Shaft Loop
Seat Belts (5 Point SFI)good for 2 years from time stamped
Fire Jacket
Arm Restraints (Open Cars)/Roll Bar

8.50 - 9.99
Flexplate & Flexplate Shield (9.99 or 135 MPH)
Helmet Snell 2005 or newer
NHRA License
Fire Jacket
Open Body Needs Pants, Neck Collar, Arm Restraints & Gloves,Window net

Parachute required 150 MPH and faster

9.99 & Faster NHRA Certified Chassis