She strikes again…

She strikes again….This weeks Rocky’s Rental Thursday, May 9th and Aeroquip Heads Up Friday, May 10th are being canceled. With Thursday’s forecast being full of rain and Friday being cooler temperatures, fluctuating rain forecast and no sun we feel it is in the best interest of the racers and spectators to cancel the event now. We have been diligently watching the weather all week to be able to make a call as soon as possible. In the months that weather can be a little more iffy and with this being a reschedule we wanted to notify everyone as soon as possible. We look forward to the Friday, June 7th Aeroquip Heads Up race to kick off the 2019 series!

Today’s Heads Up Event Friday, May 3rd is being rescheduled

Today’s Heads Up Event Friday, May 3rd is being rescheduled to Friday, May 10th. With a combination of factors going on including misty rain, more rain came last night, low temps, no sun and the list goes on we feel this is the best decision for racers and spectators. We want racers to have the best track possible and spectators to have the best racing experience possible. And as much as we would have loved to have given more notice we needed to see what this morning brought in order to make a decision.

We will still be having Liberty’s Gears No ET races tomorrow Saturday, May 4th with the Run What You Brung Shootout that includes Heads Up cars.


Qualifying Change for May Aeroquip Heads Up Event


Friday, May 3rd is a GO for racing.

We are making a change to the program to ensure we finish before it gets too cold. There will only be two qualifying sessions for all classes. We will move into eliminations after qualifying.

We hope to see eliminations start by around 6 PM with this change.

We will do our best to keep the program moving quickly, however, we will still take our usual prep times to give you the best racing surface that we can. The best way to help us move the program along is to come to the lanes when we call you and suit up when you know your class is coming up.

See you all tomorrow for a day of wicked fast racing!

When Worlds Collide: The New Liberty’s Gears No ET Nationals

Grudge cars and Heads Up cars both think they are the fastest cars around. How can we settle who is REALLY the fastest when grudge cars don’t post a time? Don’t worry, we figured it out. With a new schedule structure for the 2019 Race Season, we have made Liberty’s Gears No ET races the day after Aeroquip Heads Up.

Okay, so they are back-to-back days, but how are we going to get the Heads Up guys to race the grudge guys if they’re different days? We were full of ideas this winter, we got it.

There will be a Run What You Brung Shootout at every Liberty’s Gears No ET this season where you can find a mix of both grudge cars AND heads up cars going head to head, side by side as they prove who really is the fastest. In true grudge fashion, the scoreboards won’t show their times, but who needs those… we just need win lights! It’s all about who crosses the finish line first.

We know, we know, this sounds freaking awesome. Hold on, it keeps getting better.

Not only are we bringing these two worlds together, we are keeping Total Venue Concepts here for a third day to make sure the Liberty’s Gears No ET events give everyone the opportunity to throw everything they’ve got at the race track. No Excuses. Only the fastest of the fast will win.

Image 4-30-19 at 9.43 PM.jpg

The Wait Is Over: Aeroquip Heads Up Friday, May 3rd

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Months of frigid cold and endless snow has led to this, the first Aeroquip Heads Up Race of the season! As much as drag racing fans don’t like winter, it gives these race teams a chance to work on their programs and come back faster, better, and stronger.  

To make this May event even better than ever, we now have Total Venue Concepts coming in to prep the track, and for every Heads Up race this year. If you weren’t sure if you should be here, I’m telling you that you will be MISSING OUT if you aren’t. These cars are going to be wicked fast.  

The jaw dropping speeds of Mechanical Heating & Cooling Run What Ya Brung cars. The Earth-shaking Ground Control Property Services Outlaw 10.5 cars, well… and truck. The wheels up racing in VP Racing Fuels Drag Radial. Liberty’s Gears All Motor who show just how fast you can go without a power adder, SPOILER ALERT: it’s unbelievably fast. The so close you can hardly call it racing of Holbrook Racing Outlaw 632. The zip of the OSDRA/Mott Powersports Sled classes. The no room for error Amsoil Open Comp field. The get up and go of the Diamond Pistons Motor City Muscle Challenge class.

The First Friday Aeroquip Heads Up program brings racers in from all over region. If you want to prove you’re fast, this is where you need to be. If you want to see some of the fastest cars around go head to head, this is where you need to be. If you like to be bored, this isn’t the race for you. If you like edge of your seat racing, this is the place for you. If you want to GET EXCITED, here’s the time and place:


Milan Dragway

Friday, May 3rd

Spectator gates open at 2 PM

Qualifying starts at 2 PM

Eliminations around 7 PM

Sunday, April 28th - LATE START

Sunday, April 28th - LATE START


Sunday, April 28th - We are doing a late start for the program. Weather is not ideal overnight. By starting late, we will be able to get to the better temperatures that are expected tomorrow around noon.

Gates Open: 10:30 AM

On Track: Noon