Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Super Pro Champion


Mother Nature has spoken, she decided our champions for the Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Bracket Program today when she gave us rainy weather that won't allow us to run our final race of the series. 

Below we discuss the Insurance Man Steve Smith Super Pro Championship:

Insurance Man Super Pro resulted in back-to-back Fall Mini Series Championships for Will Crawford. The lead spot was grabbed by Crawford after his runner up finish in the 3rd race of the series and he wasn't planning on letting it go at race #4 where he made it down to 5 cars before that day's winner, Ricky Adkins, took him out. A solid performance by Amy Kirchen made Crawford put in some work to snatch the top spot from her at that 3rd race. This may be a different Kirchen this year, but this is the second year Crawford took the mini series with a Kirchen right behind him as Richard Kirchen tied for the second place slot last year with Jack Kassin.

Congratulations to Will on your back-to-back championships! Something notable here is that Crawford finished in #2 in our main points series, #1 in our mini series, and #3 in Amsoil Open Comp. Not a bad year when your worst series finish is 3rd place.