Race Track Weather: Let's Talk Rain.

So, if you've been around racing for even a little while, you know we are at Mother Nature's mercy when it comes to racing. Long range forecasts can be great to help make plans, right!? Well yes and no is my answer. It is pretty much my job to do as much as I can to inform myself on the weather forecast for event day ahead of time.

Aside from the obvious that we can't be racing cars down the track as it rains, there is so much more to it than that. Is it really obviously going to rain as soon as we get everyone in the gate? Is it going to rain overnight and us arrive to a wet track in the morning? What about event prep.... Before any big events we have a big scrape day where the guys scrape some of the rubber off the track. Doing that while it rains is a bad idea. Also, a bad idea, scraping for the track to just be rained on after.

"Ok so if you can't race in the rain, should I just stay home if there is a chance of rain?"
Oh my goodness, no. The weather forecasting is so sketchy it is ridiculous. They might say there is a 100% chance of rain. They could be right. But what you didn't know based on that is that there was a 100% chance of rain at 10 PM and we were going to be done racing at 6 PM that day anyways. The forecast says 60%? We live in Michigan, of course it does. Remember, the weatherman's job is to try to be right for the whole 24-hour period of the day. Our job is to look deeper and figure out if that prediction will affect us.

"If it rains during an event, is that it? Is it over?"
Not necessarily. We have methods to dry the track so that the show can go on, it will just take a little or a lot of time depending on the weather conditions after the track gets wet. On a 70 degree, no cloud, breezy day that track is going to cooperate very well and the water is going to get moving out of our way. There are times when due to the weather conditions or the situation as a whole that we cannot dry the track or it is not a practical option so the event will be cancelled, but it is always our goal to race. It is kind of what we do.

"Sometimes it is SO obvious it is going to rain, but you guys still start a race."
True, sometimes the goal is to accomplish a certain amount of racing or as much racing as possible before the rain. In the case of something with a points chase, we do not reschedule a rained out points race so we want to try to get some rounds in before the day has to be cancelled so that there can still be points earned for the day.

There is SO much connected to this topic because of the huge range of situations that can arise along with the variety of programs we offer. If you have any weather-related questions, drop them in the comments below!