Mother's Day at the Track: Sunday, May 14th

So many people give up the traditional approach to summer holidays in order to go drag racing. One of those holidays is coming up soon on Sunday, May 14th. Moms come out to race or cheer on their family. Those that cheer on their family are giving up the "kick back, relax, let the family take care of it all" approach that so many moms get to take on this day. They give up a quiet day at home for the sound of engines roaring, burnout smoke, and keeping the car ready for every round of competition.

This year, we want all the moms, even those who don't normally race, to be able to get in on the fun. That's right, we are hosting a Mother's Day race again! There are very few rules, but here they are:
-Sportsman rules
-Have fun
-Be a mom (Yes, this includes a mom in any form! Stepmom, mom, adopted mom, etc. I'm not really the mom police)

How do you get in this class?
Ask for a tech card at the gate on your way in.

What are you going to win?
Honestly we haven't thought that far, but it'll be something cool or fun.