Bracket Prize Giveaway, Custom Shoes, S&S Motorsports

S&S Motorsports KILLED IT. After signing them on as a sponsor, I asked Ken if he could make me some custom airbrushed Converse. He said, we’ve never done shoes, but why not? I give these guys MAD PROPS for this! They fit all that on a women’s size 8 shoe! That is awesome, but we are so excited to announce the giveaway we have planned with S&S Motorsports this year….

Saturday, July 8th during the two-day bracket event the winner of each of the four classes will be able to have their helmet custom airbrushed by the crew over at S&S Motorsports. Don’t want to do your helmet? Ken will honor that same value for something on your car or bike. This is going to be an awesome give away valued at up to $700 PER CLASS. We wanted you guys to see what awesome work they could do and so we waited for my shoes to be finished to announce it! Bracket racers spread the word…. It isn’t just money up for grabs!

In the meantime, contact S&S Motorsports for any of your custom paint needs. They are located in Monroe and you can call them at (734)731-7037. They will make to work whatever dream you have a reality! They also schedule their work out so depending on the size of the job they only have your stuff for 2-4 weeks. No sitting in the shop waiting for them to get to it!