May 2017 Aeroquip Heads Up Results

The first Aeroquip Heads Up race of the season is in the books. It is amazing how much of the staff out here still gets butterflies the day of these events. Nerves, excitement, anticipation after years of doing these, it doesn’t seem to go away no matter how long you work here. It seemed that many cars were getting the cobwebs out as we saw several uncharacteristic roll throughs at the staging beams along with more broken and leaking heads up cars than usual.

The new Thitek Outlaw 632 class was a HIT!!! We saw 13 cars attend for the 16 car field with the knowledge that there are others on their way out for June and the rest of the season. The #1 qualifier was Mark Canarum with his 4.71 pass at 151 MPH. Nick Serra went the rounds to take home the win for the class over David Quinn in the final with his 4.97 pass outrunning Quinn’s 5.41.

In the Liberty’s Gears All Motor class, Brian Wolfe took home the class win, but not only did he do that, he beat his own 7.65 ET record not once, not twice, but three times! He finished the night off with his fastest pass of the day, and ever, which was a 7.597 at 182.55 MPH over Wayne Roberts who didn’t make a good pass, but wouldn’t have had enough to beat that pass by Wolfe. There is a new record in place and after talking with John Marcella last night I think he might be coming after the record in June.

FAST was the theme last night and that carried over to Diamond Pistons Outlaw 10.5 where our top 3 qualifiers ran 4.18, 4.20, and 4.24. Chris Cadotto who couldn’t make a bad pass all night posted “With no known tune up to make a safe pass without more engine failure I put a lazy soft tune on it and BAM 4.19!!!!!” The crew spent the entire night before fixing the car with little hope for even being ready for the race. With three cars running this fast last night, we are in for an EXCITING season of Outlaw 10.5 this year. We saw some great side by side action in both the 2nd round and the semi-finals with Ron Stang. Even though he isn’t quite as fast as those he raced, his better reaction times had him right beside them or in the case of Mike Barackman, Stang’s better reaction time earned him the win even though his 4.31 ET was slower than Barackman’s 4.24. Cadotto’s 4.18 in the semi-finals was Stang’s demise. Joel Wensley couldn’t make the call for the final round so Cadotto took the easy win in that round. Robert Cox came out and got it done in VP Racing Fuels Drag Radial after qualifying #2 with a 4.559 just barely behind John Clement’s 4.551. Cox ran consistently all night with a 4.555 being his fastest pass of the night and a 4.622 being his slowest. Karri Beebe met her match in the final round when Cox laid down a 4.605 pass to her 4.739, but both of those drivers can go home feeling great that they made great passes in every round of eliminations. John Clement will surely be back along with Mike Barran to make their way to that final round.

In Mechanical Heating & Cooling Run What Ya Brung #3 Qualifier Mark Wisenski took the win over #1 qualifier Jackie Slone whose best pass of the day was a 3.932 at 189.87. Wisenski whose best pass of the day was 4.138 got the easy win in the final round when Slone went red by reacting a little too quickly at the line. Had that red light not happened this story probably would’ve read differently since Slone made a great pass of 4.05 at 186 MPH. It as a bummer to see the Skinny Kid Race Cars machine not having a great day and even be backed off in first round after laying some fluid on the track during the burnout. That car should be back in June and the competition should feel pretty threatened after the 3.71 pass they put down at Thursday’s test session.

OSDRA Outlaw Sled winner Nic Cach ran 4.85 at 157 MPH over Jeff Kerridge’s 5.91 pass. The Pro Mod Sled class’s Glenn Hall ran a 5.234 against runner up Nick Stilson’s 5.432 for the win.

Team Z Motorsports Motor City Muscle Challenge winner Tony Petrovski was very excited to take home that win after a lot of work went into the car the past two weeks to be ready for the race. 8.87 at 150.95 MPH was good for the #1 qualifier spot. Tony Veresuk ran a 10.69 in the final which wasn’t enough for Tony Petrovski’s 9.15 pass.

Dirty Dave Yurcak had a slight disadvantage off the line in the final round of Amsoil Open Comp, but it wasn’t enough of an advantage for Don Miller as he broke out by .003 when he ran a 10.077 on his 10.08 dial. Yurcak’s 0.020 light and 10.623 on a 10.59 dial got it done for the night and sent him home with the winner’s trophy.

Our number one qualifiers didn’t just get the top spot on the qualifying list, many of them took home $100 bonus thanks to sponsors. Shirts Works’ $100 for All Motor went to Brian Wolfe. Unlimited Truck & Trailer paid Jackie Slone in Run What Ya Brung. Motor City Muscle Challenge’s Tony Petrovski got the bonus from Fastime Racing Engines. Chris Cadotto took home $100 in Outlaw 10.5 thanks to Billy Briggs Racing Engines.

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the show! Thank you to the fans who never waiver in their support for the impressive cars, drivers, and race crews. We can’t wait for the next Aeroquip Heads Up race on Friday, June 2nd!

Check out the points lists here.