Fleet Doctor Bracket Results for Sunday, May 14, 2017

What a turnout for the first Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race of the season! Our number of points members is huge this year!

Sam Manuele had one of his worst lights of the day in the final round of Masta Performance Pro when he left the starting line with a reaction time of .099 while Warren Smith waited the 1.67 seconds for it to be his turn to leave the line and chase down Manuele. Smith, who had been nailing the light all day, finally reacted just a hair too quickly going -.004 red giving Manuele the automatic win. It would’ve been a close race without that red light as Manuele ran 10.457 on his 10.45 dial and Warren Smith ran 8.779 on his 8.78 dial.

In Super Pro Motorcycle, we saw a classic final round matchup of Joe Novak Sr vs Joe Novak Jr. Joe Sr had an uncharacteristic issue in 2nd round but was fortunately on a bye run so he still got the W cut a .002 light when it came time to line up to his son Joe Jr who was no dud on the line with his .020 light. Down at the finish line Senior ran a 8.577 on his 8.53 dial for the win while Junior ran a 8.824 on his 8.79 dial.

Two of the younger competitors in McCormack Racing Sportsman category battled it out in the final round. Donnie Hagar who is far from a stranger to the winner circle took the win over Codie Balcom after Balcom went -.031 red. Hagar was ready for battle though with his .028 light and 13.528 on his 13.54 dial.

Insurance Man Super Pro saw a Kirby McLennan win on a double breakout matchup where Michael Gramlich who left the line with a .009 had the worse breakout when he went 4.913 on his 4.93 dial. McLennan who was .005 ran a 4.456 on his 4.46 dial for the win.

In our Mother’s Day Race, Darlene Lewis was our runner up with Jesse Miller taking the win!

Current Points Standings