Sunday, July 2nd Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #7 Race Results

In McCormack Racing Sportsman, Greg McCurry took the win over his cousin Matt Watson. On this double break out pass, McCurry ran an 11.551 on his 11.56 dial to Watson’s 11.734 on his 11.77 dial.

Greg McCurry made his way into his second final of the day in Masta Performance Pro where he met up with Wes Buckley. Taking his first loss in 15 rounds of racing, McCurry’s .058 reaction time paired up with running dead on his dial with a 0 was not good enough to beat Wes Buckley who was .022 then 9.471 on his 9.46 dial.

We have another Buckley to mention as we move into Insurance Man Super Pro, Tim Buckley was runner up to Brian Lampton who earned a win on his birthday and for the second week in a row. Lampton was .006 on the line then ran a 4.750 on his 4.73 dial. Buckley was a little later leaving the line and ran 4.760 on his 4.74 dial.

I guess if you didn’t have another family member racing yesterday, your chances of making it to a final were slim as we saw father and son Joe Novak Sr and Joe Novak Jr line up in the Super Pro Motorcycle final. After a slight reaction time advantage for Joe Sr who was .015 to Joe Jr’s .023, Senior was able to secure the win down track when he ran 8.374 on his 8.35 dial while Joe Jr ran .04 off his dial.

Click here to check out the points standings as this race started the second half of the chase. This Fleet Doctor Bracket Series has taken off as the weather has finally cooperated the last couple weekends!

Don’t forget this upcoming weekend we have 2 days of racing for our bracket racers with a bracket race followed by a gambler’s race this Saturday, July 8th. The winners of each of the four bracket classes on Saturday will get their helmets custom painted by S&S Customs in Monroe. Join us Friday night to enjoy the Aeroquip Heads Up Race and watch the fireworks or participate in Open Comp (if you fit the rules) before we head into our weekend!