Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #10 Results

Wow. The racers in the Fleet Doctor Bracket Series are without a doubt some of the best bracket racers around. I found myself stopping what I was doing to really look at their numbers on the computer screen more than a few times as the day went on. When an .022 package isn’t getting it done for Justin Hardy because Dave Degregorio was .002 total or when that .014 package for someone in the left lane looked really good until I saw the right lane was .007. As I was finishing up the points standings at the end of the race day, I found that Greg McCurry who was sitting in second place in both Pro and Sportsman going into race #10 had taken over the points lead by ONE POINT in BOTH classes. If you line up next to him in either class, you better be prepared to put together a great package to win. He may have widened that points lead, but the heat of the day and all those rounds led to the car telling him it wanted to go home. This crew is already ready for Bracket Finals at Indy, in my opinion.


Masta Performance Pro saw Melvin Woods set himself up for the win off the starting line when he was .019 to William Swope’s .057 reaction time. Down track Swope broke out running a 9.828 on his 9.83 dial. Woods ran a 10.428 on his 10.40.


Carl Keil found his way to the Winners Circle and the points lead while borrowing Wes Buckley’s car since his dragster has been down the last couple weeks. Will Crawford lined up with Keil in the final round. Leaving first was Crawford, dialed in at 6.21, with a .008 light. Dialed in at 5.92, Keil left just after him with a perfect .000 light. At the 1/8 mile, Keil ran 5.937 for the win over Crawford’s 6.229. This runner up finish did help Will Crawford make a jump in the points into second place behind Carl.


Donnie Hagar made a jump into third place of the McCormack Racing Sportsman points standings with his win. 13.603 on his 13.58 dial with an .030 light was more than Donnie needed for the win. Brandon Bennett earned a runner up finish after a great day of racing. In the final round, Bennett was .084 then broke out by running 11.766 on his 11.79 dial.


Jason Drnach got it done in the Super Pro Motorcycle class over Mike Mullendore. Drnach left the line with an .019 light followed by Mullendore’s .022 reaction time. Down at the 1/4 mile, Drnach ran 8.797 on his 8.77 dial for the win while Mullendore ran a 8.351 on his 8.29 dial for the runner up finish.


Check out the full points standings at the link below!