Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #11

With only one race left in the Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Series, we already know who two of our champions are barring any insane (unrealistic) circumstances. So, we want to congratulate Carl Keil on winning Insurance Man Super Pro for the second year in a row and Joe Novak Sr for adding another Super Pro Motorcycle championship to his many. 

At Sunday, August 13th’s race, Matt Cornell took the win in Insurance Man Super Pro over the Insurance Man himself Steve Smith. A red light start for Smith gave Cornell the win. Cornell made his way to the final by beating, now, two-time class champion Carl Keil. Cornell was .007 to Keil’s .015. Then ran a 6.575 on his 6.57 dial while Keil ran 4.947 on his 4.94. Uncharacteristic first round losses for the 2-4th place points members paved the way for Keil’s championship, though, he still had to put in work to take advantage of that opening. 

Joe Novak Sr. took the win against Bill Stetz in the Super Pro Motorcycle final. An .046 for Novak to Stetz’s .058 helped Novak off the line then he ran a 8.412 on his 8.39 dial while Stetz finished by breaking out by .005. Ron Raymond locked himself in at a second place points finish by making it to the semi-finals in Sunday’s race. 

Dustin Loynes, whose wife and daughter proved to be his good luck charms, took the win in Masta Performance Pro over AJ Owen. Loynes’ .007 light set him up for success as Owen left with a .031. We saw AJ breakout running a 10.594 on his 10.62 dial while Loynes went through at 9.717 on his 9.67. Loynes best package of the day was against Warren Smith in the semi-finals when he was .004 and ran dead on with a 0 for a .004 package. He needed it as Smith was no duck with his .009 light and running 8.828 on his 8.82 dial. 

Bill Morand took out Johnnie Cook in the final round of McCormack Racing Sportsman. The runner up finish did put Johnnie Cook within reach of the championship though. Morand was .033 to Cook’s .060 to earn the win over Cook on a double breakout. 

Looking at the points standing for Sportsman and Pro is interesting as we have one person who could very realistically become champion in BOTH classes. Aside from Greg McCurry being within reach of both of these, we have two other drivers (Marlon Howes and Johnnie Cook) who it would take a little more luck, fate, and work but are still in the running for both. 

The final Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race is this upcoming Sunday, August 20th, we are very excited to watch the race play out and see who will become our Masta Performance Pro Champion and McCormack Racing Sportsman Champion, as well as, name our team for the NHRA Division 3 Bracket Finals team in September.