Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Bracket Race #2 Results

It was an incredibly tough day of competition today for the Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Bracket Points Series Race #2. The 38 members of Team Milan were on their game as they prepare for the toughest competition of their season at Bracket Finals in Indy next weekend. The rest of our bracket racers weren’t going to let them steal all the round wins today though and were sure to keep them on their toes. 

In Super Pro Motorcycle, Ron Raymond raced his way to the win over Joe Novak Jr in the final round. Raymond was .004 to Novak’s .017 then ran a 8.505 on his 8.47 dial while Novak Jr ran a 8.731 on his 8.69 dial. The final round wasn’t the only place we saw tough competition as Jeff Cada and Mary Spitler didn’t make it easy for Raymond and Novak Jr to make it to the final round. 

Darrell Ciaravino took the win over Kevin Assad in McCormack Racing Sportsman when he was .006 off the line then ran 12.200 on his 12.16 dial. Assad wasn’t letting Ciaravino have it easy as he was .034 then ran 11.998 on his 11.97 dial. Donnie Hagar was taken down by Kevin Assad in the semi-finals while Ciaravino met up with Jeff Kulik.

Cody Heidt got it done in Insurance Man Super Pro when he lined up with Dave Heller. After Heidt left the line, Heller who has been deadly on the tree this weekend went -.003 red. Heidt was ready for a race though as he left with an .017 then ran a 6.284 on his 6.28 dial. Before taking the final round win, Heidt took out Jeff Smith in the semi-final round.

Masta Performance Pro saw David Mullins take home the win when he cut a perfect light .000 then ran a 10.391 on his 10.37 dial while Donnie Hagar went through at a 13.475 on his 13.46 dial after leaving the line with an .025. Tyler Borman and Larry Pawluck were who Mullins and Hagar had to make it past in the semi-finals.

Check out the points standings here: