Fleet Doctor Bracket Series Results for Sunday, May 20th

Our first Fleet Doctor Bracket Points race of 2018 was a success. We battled through some precipitation along with an unusually high number of car/bike breakages for a points race, but in the end the race prevailed! We were excited to see some awesome car counts in our Masta Performance Pro and Insurance Man Super Pro categories. The points series saw many new sign ups which should make for an interesting points chase as we watch how these new members shake things up. 

Jaeden Durst took home the win in Masta Performance Pro where he lined up with Jason Proffitt in the final round. When they lined up Durst was dialed in at a 10.39 and left the line with a .014 light. Proffitt followed behind Durst down the track after leaving the line with a .034 reaction time trying to catch him before the finish line, but couldn’t quite get there. Durst ran a 10.423 while Proffitt ran a 9.279 on his 9.25 dial giving Durst the Masta Performance Pro win after he had just lost in the Insurance Man Super Pro semi-finals to our next winner, Justin Hardy. 

Justin Hardy raced his way to the Winners Circle in Insurance Man Super Pro. Josh Kull came to the final round a little too prepared and went -.001 red before running a 6.485 on his 6.47 dial. Hardy ran a 4.747 on his 4.76 dial after leaving the line with an .036 reaction time, which wouldn’t matter since Kull went red and Hardy got the automatic win. 

Mike Mullendore got the race win and a checkmark on his bucket list when he lined up with Joe Novak Sr. in the final round and took the win in S&S Customs Super Pro Motorcycle. Novak Sr. was dialed in at a 8.59 while Mullendore was dialed in at a 8.30 when they lined up. While Mullendore waited that almost 3 tenths of a second, Novak Sr. left the line just a little too soon at -.004 red giving Mullendore the win when he left the line with a .041 reaction time. Mullendore stopped the clocks with a 8.264 at 154.51 MPH. 

The McCurrys kept it in the family for the McCormack Racing Sportsman final where we saw Greg and Tyler line up a pair of Buicks. Greg came into the day in a different car than we normally see him in since his wasn’t race ready, apparently that worked for him. When the McCurrys lined up in the final round Tyler was set to leave first dialed in at a 13.51 while Greg had to was 1.52 seconds at the starting line as a result of his 11.99 dial in. Tyler left the line with an .052 reaction time while Greg took off with an .027. Down track we saw a double break out with Tyler stopping the clocks with a 13.464 and Greg’s winning ET of 11.975. 

The giants checks that our winners receive were a hit as always with one driver saying that’s what he was most excited about. Then the McCormacking Racing Sportsman winner was surprised with his as this is the first race that Sportsman received a giant check for their win. What a great inaugural check winner for the class since Greg really worked hard to try to win one last year.

Stay tuned to watch some of the toughest bracket racers around battle it out for their weekly wins and the points championship. Don’t forget to come prepared for battle when you race these competitors, there’s no shortage of division champions here whether it’s the team champions or division class champions, past or present. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but there is no easy win at a Milan Dragway bracket race.  

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