Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #3 & NHRA State Championship Results from Sunday, May 27th


Yesterday proved to be a tough day of competition for our Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race. Not only were they racing for the typical race win, but it was the NHRA State Championship race so we had Wally plaques up for grabs for our winners. We saw a unique challenge for our racers yesterday as they had to react as quickly as ever with sweat dripping in their eyes along with the heat causing them to feel lethargic. Never fear, the Milan Dragway bracket racers made it through and kept the competition just as fierce as any other day for the extra fans we had out today since it was Fan Day!

The first of our wins went to Jason Drnach in S&S Customs Super Pro Motorcycle. Drnach lined up with Ron Raymond in the final round where Jason left the line first with a .006 light followed by Raymond with his .016. Down at the finish line Raymond stopped the clocks at 8.559 on his 8.55 dial, but Drnach took the win with his 8.756 on his 8.74 dial thanks to his better reaction time. 

Next up was the McCormack Racing Sportsman final, Jason Fuller took out a whole slew of tough opponents to get his spot in the Winner’s Circle today. Fuller’s final match up of the day was against Codie Balcom. The pair left side-by-side with Balcom dialed in at a 13.42 and Fuller dialed in at a 13.44. Fuller had the clear advantage off the line with his .032 light while Balcom was .084. Down at the finish line it was a double breakout, Fuller broke out the least going a 13.394 on his 13.44 dial. 

Carl Keil, our winner for the day, lined up with Gary Cash in the Insurance Man Super Pro final. This dragster vs door car final had Keil watching Cash make his way down the track for 1.71 seconds before he could take off after him. Cash ran on his dial running a 6.616 on a 6.61 dial, but Keil’s better reaction time (.010) gave him the clear advantage. Keil’s winning pass was finished at a 4.922 on his 4.90 dial in. 

Another almost heads up final happened in Masta Performance Pro when Steven Kull dialed in at a 10.40 took on Dave Mullins who was dialed in at a 10.37. Mullins was .036 to Kull’s .012 when they took off, but Mullins 10.395 gave him the win at the finish line while Kull ran further off his dial in running a 10.455. Dave Mullins took home the NHRA State Championship Pro win. 

The Great Lakes Gasses joined us for the day yesterday to help entertain the fans that made their way out for Fan Day. Bill Archer of Paw Paw, MI is the Gasser State Champion and took home the win over Allen Davis of White Lake, MI. 

Points standings can be viewed here.