Race Results for Sunday, June 17th NHRA All Access Challenge and Bracket Points Race #5

The NHRA All Access Challenge (Wally Race!) and Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #5 took place yesterday, Sunday, June 17th. It was a hot, humid day that had our racers making their way to the shade any chance they got to try to get any break they could from it.


The first winner we gave a Wally to was Ron Raymond in S&S Customs Super Pro Motorcycle when he took the win over Joe Novak Sr. in the final round. Ron Raymond was .000 off the line which would have set him up well for a win on its own, but Novak Sr.’s -.013 red light gave Raymond the win automatically.


Another class win was earned with a .000 reaction time, wow the Milan Dragway racers really wanted the Wallys! John Linnabary took the win in Insurance Man Super Pro over Tim Buckley. I looked up and saw Tim Buckley ran a 4.720 on his 4.72, but Linnabary’s win light was on. Linnabary’s .000 light and 5.852 on the 5.84 dial got him the win and a Super Pro Wally.


Next up was the McCormack Racing Sportsman final, Codie Balcom and Derek Simon lined up to race for the Wally and both competitors were ready to go when they left the line, Balcom had an .015 light and Simon an .020. Simon’s break out led to Codie Balcom taking home the win and his second Wally.


Warren Smith just couldn’t lose during yesterday’s race in Masta Performance Pro. Smith’s final matchup of the day was against Tyler Nelkin. Smith watched Nelkin leave the line 3.5 seconds before him which can be hard to sit and watch without going red, but Smith held back and left the line with an .010 reaction time, which wouldn’t matter since Nelkin went -.008 red before Smith even got to take off. Nelkin’s early reaction time helped Warren Smith win the Wally.


We, also, announced some amazing bonuses for our weekend bracket race on July 7th and 8th. For full details and a chance to win a free entry to it, please see the contest post on our Race Director, Krysti Baxter’s, Facebook page. But for some highlights, we have $2,000 to win in two of our classes, a great bonus for Sportsman, and a Gold Card race for all of our classes which means in addition to the normal Sunday payout, you could win a Gold Card that will give you free entry for the rest of our Sunday bracket races! But again, full details and payout breakdowns can be viewed on Krysti Baxter’s Facebook page and the website.


Check out the points standings here.