Race Results for Sunday, July 1st: Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #7

The Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Racers dealt with another scorching hot race day, but as long as its dry, we won’t complain! This was a fun day, but this upcoming weekend is going to be even better! As we have two days of bracket racing, three races, AND some bonuses up for grabs. PLUS, we have the July Edition of our Aeroquip Heads Up Race on Friday night with FIREWORKS! 


The first win of the day went to Ron Raymond in the S&S Customs Super Pro Motorcycle class over Justin Hughes. Raymond had the lesser breakout giving him the win. It was a tight race though as Hughes was .022 off the line to Raymond’s .018. This win helped Raymond increase his lead in the points.


Daniel Beauch took the win in McCormack Racing Sportsman after Donnie Hagar went through the finish line first on a breakout pass, running a 14.015 on his 14.03 dial. Beauch ran dead on his dial for the win. 


Insurance Man Super Pro winner, Justin Hardy, took out Jack Kassin in the final round. Kassin fell victim to leaving the starting line too early with a red light against Hardy. Red lights were a plague in the last two rounds as it turns out since this is what took out Kendallyn Jacobs when she had lined up against Jack Kassin in the semi-final round. This win sent Justin Hardy to the top of the points standings, tying him for first place with Carl Keil.


Chuck Lewis got his first win in the new car in Masta Performance Pro over runner up Darrell Ciaravino. Both Lewis and his car were on a mission Sunday. Ciaravino’s breakout in the final round, handed the win over to Chuck Lewis and Lewis Family Racing. 


Check out the points standings here.