When Worlds Collide: The New Liberty’s Gears No ET Nationals

Grudge cars and Heads Up cars both think they are the fastest cars around. How can we settle who is REALLY the fastest when grudge cars don’t post a time? Don’t worry, we figured it out. With a new schedule structure for the 2019 Race Season, we have made Liberty’s Gears No ET races the day after Aeroquip Heads Up.

Okay, so they are back-to-back days, but how are we going to get the Heads Up guys to race the grudge guys if they’re different days? We were full of ideas this winter, we got it.

There will be a Run What You Brung Shootout at every Liberty’s Gears No ET this season where you can find a mix of both grudge cars AND heads up cars going head to head, side by side as they prove who really is the fastest. In true grudge fashion, the scoreboards won’t show their times, but who needs those… we just need win lights! It’s all about who crosses the finish line first.

We know, we know, this sounds freaking awesome. Hold on, it keeps getting better.

Not only are we bringing these two worlds together, we are keeping Total Venue Concepts here for a third day to make sure the Liberty’s Gears No ET events give everyone the opportunity to throw everything they’ve got at the race track. No Excuses. Only the fastest of the fast will win.

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