The Heads Up series invades Milan Dragway once a month...

The Heads Up series invades Milan Dragway once a month, and in that week before excitement is building, the internet is buzzing with late nights thrashing and big anticipation, but the September edition was way more insane then anyone could have imagined.

From the first drop of the Tree to the first ET to light up the score boards there was a buzz in the pits, Record class car counts, and some of the who's who of drag racing were on the property, only to compliment the lineup of top notch racers who battle it out each and every month. By the end of the night we saw countless personal bests be recorded, and two classes ET records be broken.

With all the exciting September action this month I cannot imagine what October will have in store for us, points champions will be finalized, will more ET records fall? More personal bests become true.... We hope you will join us to find out!!!!

Let’s break The September edition down class by class:

RWYB: Needless to say, this class is one of our most insane, and caliber of performance is something you would expect on a national traveling series. This month was no different with a record 13 cars entered, attempting to qualify for the exclusive 8 car field. In qualifying the bar was set very high, when in Q1 Matt Hutter laid down a monster pass of 3,75@202mph. the rest of the field set one of the fastest 8 qualified cars we have ever seen, with 4 other drivers in the 3's (Detrick 3.78, Krueger 3.87, Ladisky 3.87, Beadling 3.92) and the Bump spot of 4.09. Eliminations were sure to be a blast to watch. In the end it was Matt Hutter and his twin turbo LSX powered cobalt took home the Big Trophy. Congrats Matt!

MCM: Motor city muscle was another class where we saw a record number or competitors, as well as a new personal best and rare 8 second pass in the class, #1 Qualifier Scott Austin ran his new personal best and finally made it over the 8 second barrier. As if setting a new personal best, and eclipsing a major milestone, Scott was able to pilot his mustang into the finals and capture his first win. Congrats Scott!

AM: One person owned the night in All Motor. With the top runners hurt, or on backup motors Dan Ostegen Took advantage and did so with style and grace. Ostegen was able to top the 9-car field in qualifying with a new personal best and only his 2nd seven second pass in his career. In the end Ostegen lined up next to 2018 AM champ Tony Petrovski and laid down another monster 7sec pass to turn on the win light. For Ostegen and crew this was a win long time coming for the veteran AM racer. Congrats Dan.

OL10.5: All that buzz I spoke of had a big place in Outlaw 10.5, mostly with images lighting up the internet of Radial vs the world racer Tim Slavens was on the property testing on Thursday and would be competing in the 10.5 class. After 3 rounds of qualifying it was the current class record holder Bob Ross who held the #1 spot going into eliminations, with Chris Caddatto at 2nd and Brad Tyson close behind in the 3rd slot. In the end we saw the Supercharged entry of Bob Ross, line up against the twin turbo entry of Tim "Underdog" Slavens......well no underdog on this night because Tim was able to pull off the win in his first time visit to Milan Dragway. Congrats Tim!

DR: Drag radial.... wow what can I say records falling personal bests left and right, Jim Monson, Aaron Johnson, Mike West, and Matt Reese all add new time slips to the Best pass ever slot on their walls of accomplishments. In the end all of these new personal bests including Mike West's first ever 4 second pass, made the field of 15 competitors create our first ever all 4second field in drag radial.... HUGE!!!! However for Team Gumby and that killer green twin turbo small block Ford mustang of Jim Monson, his personal best pass of 4.259@177mph not only toped the qualifying sheet it also broke the class ET record..Congratulations Jim. In eliminations Monson lost to Dale Arbogast in his supercharged Yenko Nova, putting Dale into his first final round in some time. In the other lane Kevin Hecht in the nitrous assisted small block Chevy Camaro fought his way through 3 rounds to fight for the top honors... Hecht was able to grab the Tree on Dale in wheels up fashion but the centrifugal supercharged power was just too much, former class champion Dale Arborgast lite up the most important win light of his night....and won!!! Congrats Dale!

OL632: Outlaw 632 is the newest class in our series but being new does not mean it does not disappoint, another full field of 20 cars class created a heated battle just to be part of the 16-car field. With racers hailing from as far as Massachusetts taking home the money would be no easy feat. To make things even more challenging Wes Distefano was able to put together a monster pass and reset his own class ET record with a 4.22@173mph shot, unfortunately record speeds come at the cost of expiring parts and the Shameless Racing crew of Distefano had to watch from the bleachers due to nitrous issues. With the #1 qualifier on the trailer this really opened the door to the field. spots 2-12 were only separated by 0.20sec. in a class originally intended for nitrous assisted big blocks we watched two N/A competitor’s chew through the field and meeting in the final round. In the finals we watched birthday girl Nicole Liberty Tree 2018 track champion and current points leader Todd Merkel, however that Merkel horsepower poured in after the 300' mark and Todd Merkal continued his dominance of the class and added another Win to his wall of fame. Congrats Todd!!!

OC: Open comp is not a Heads Up class.... no... however it is hands down the hardest way to make the money round by the end of the night. as if the 70+ racers trying to get into the 56-car show wasn't hard enough a reaction time bump spot of .167 sure is. and once again we had a huge number of "double oh" lights, 12 to be the end Bougenoy grabbed the top spot on the qualifying sheet. Points leader Joe Cicalo hung in there for a few rounds to help his points lead but could not find his way into the money round. Sam Manuele was one of those "double oh" qualifiers, and he was able to carry his luck all the way into the finals where he met up with long time racer Rob Herman, the battle ensued and in the end Sam Manuele was able to turn on the win light in his Nova, All smiles and first pumps from the crew was a great indicator of a hard day well fought and a deserving victory. Congrats Sam!

Sleds: We hear it on the PA, and as hoodies warmed our spectators in the crowed, we know our sled guys are just getting warmed up. Nothing Beats the Fire breathing turbo sleds in September. Congrats to Outlaw Sled Winner Cody Levasseur for piloting his turbocharged Yamaha to the win!