Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #8: July 9th

Another day of tight bracket competition has come and gone at Milan Dragway as we had our 8th race of the Fleet Doctor LLC Bracket Points Series. This is the second day of our two day bracket weekend and we have declared our last four winners for the weekend. 

In Insurance Man Super Pro, the Insurance Man Steve Smith himself made it to the final round, but was taken out by David Freeland. The reaction time advantage went to Freeland who was .019 to Smith’s .029. Freeland finished with a 6.491 on his 6.48 dial which was good for the win thanks to that advantage on the starting line while Smith ran 4.856 on his 4.85. 

Mickey Adams was able to get the monkey off his back tonight with a win in Masta Performance Pro over Warren Smith. It was anyone’s race off the line as Adams was .006 and Smith .008. That slight advantage helped Adams as he was .021 total to Smith’s .022 package.

McCormack Racing Sportsman was won by Darrell Ciaravino who is having a great season so far. A .002 start paved the way for his win over Codie Balcon who was .023. Even though Balcom ran 12.269 on his 12.26 dial, Ciaravino took the win when he ran 11.550 on his 11.53 dial.

Joe Novak Sr took the win over Ron Raymond as he had a big advantage off the starting line with his .015 reaction time to Raymond’s .046 in the Super Pro Motorcycle final. Both riders were quite a bit slower than their dial so they must’ve been on the brakes down at the finish line. 

There has been a lot going on this weekend as we have had 11 winners in the past two days!!! Check out the points standings after today’s race.

S&S Customs Bracket Weekend Race Results: Saturday, July 8th

Yesterday was more than a full day of racing as we had a whole lot going on! Our first set of results for the S&S Customs Bracket Race are for the main race with all four classes.


In Masta Performance Pro, Bernie Och took the win when he was .043 off the line then ran a 10.665 on his 10.65 dial. Wes Buckley who was lucky to be on a bye run in the semi-final round as he went -.006 red. Buckley went on to be .052 in the final round against Och, but it wasn’t enough to take the win giving Buckley the runner up finish.


Marlon Howes took out Joe Kulik in the McCormack Racing Sportsman category. Howes’s .039 light was good for the win. He ran .08 off his dial in as he was getting out of it to tighten up the gap at the finish line. Kulik who was late off the line went on to run a 12.126 on his 12.10 dial.


Dom Locilento Sr’s .016 reaction time would have made for a good race, but in this near heads up race Katelyn Smith left the line first when she went -.008 red. Locilento would’ve been at risk down track had Smith been green as he went 4.865 on his 4.87 dial while Smith ran a 4.861 on her 4.86 dial.


Super Pro Motorcycle saw Mark Johnson win after his worst reaction time of the day. He had been on the tree all day, but was fortunate to see that Brian Clapper went red giving him the win anyways.


Thanks to S&S Customs out of Monroe, MI, Bernie Och, Marlon Howes, Dom Locilento Sr, and Mark Johnson will all receive custom paint and/or airbrushing for their helmets! We are quite excited to see how these turn out once the winners get the work done!


Our next set of results are for the Gambler’s Race. We saw Carl Keil take the win in the Box category over Matt Hewitt. Keil was .006 then ran a 5.168 on his 5.16 dial, he was .014 total, while Hewitt was .014 off the starting line then ran 4.981 on his 4.87 dial. Damien Hazelton was our No Box winner over Norman Crawley. Hazelton was .048 and went through the finish line just under his dial in at 9.829 on his 9.83, but it didn’t matter since Norman Crawley was -.010 red.


Finally, we got to our pit vehicle race where Carl Keil took another win. This time the win was over David Davis. The golf cart must have been just like the dragster for Carl as he was .005 to Davis’s -.026 red. Luckily for Davis, we were giving a pizza to the winner AND the runner up!


We have four more winners to name today as we run Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #8.

Sunday, July 2nd Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #7 Race Results

In McCormack Racing Sportsman, Greg McCurry took the win over his cousin Matt Watson. On this double break out pass, McCurry ran an 11.551 on his 11.56 dial to Watson’s 11.734 on his 11.77 dial.

Greg McCurry made his way into his second final of the day in Masta Performance Pro where he met up with Wes Buckley. Taking his first loss in 15 rounds of racing, McCurry’s .058 reaction time paired up with running dead on his dial with a 0 was not good enough to beat Wes Buckley who was .022 then 9.471 on his 9.46 dial.

We have another Buckley to mention as we move into Insurance Man Super Pro, Tim Buckley was runner up to Brian Lampton who earned a win on his birthday and for the second week in a row. Lampton was .006 on the line then ran a 4.750 on his 4.73 dial. Buckley was a little later leaving the line and ran 4.760 on his 4.74 dial.

I guess if you didn’t have another family member racing yesterday, your chances of making it to a final were slim as we saw father and son Joe Novak Sr and Joe Novak Jr line up in the Super Pro Motorcycle final. After a slight reaction time advantage for Joe Sr who was .015 to Joe Jr’s .023, Senior was able to secure the win down track when he ran 8.374 on his 8.35 dial while Joe Jr ran .04 off his dial.

Click here to check out the points standings as this race started the second half of the chase. This Fleet Doctor Bracket Series has taken off as the weather has finally cooperated the last couple weekends!

Don’t forget this upcoming weekend we have 2 days of racing for our bracket racers with a bracket race followed by a gambler’s race this Saturday, July 8th. The winners of each of the four bracket classes on Saturday will get their helmets custom painted by S&S Customs in Monroe. Join us Friday night to enjoy the Aeroquip Heads Up Race and watch the fireworks or participate in Open Comp (if you fit the rules) before we head into our weekend!


Sunday, June 25th Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #6 Results

At the sixth race of the Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Series, we saw a whole lot of cars show up to compete. It was a beautiful day for racing. 

In Insurance Man Super Pro, friends, Will Crawford and Brian Lampton ended up in the final together where Lampton took the win. 

Mike Mullendore earned a long awaited and fought for win in Super Pro Motorcycle. The race was all but won on the starting line when he was .098 on the tree to Mary Spitler's .173. An 8.24 on his 8.22 dial was good for the win down track as Spitler went on to break out with a 9.53 on her 9.59 dial. 

Masta Performance Pro saw a Ron Hagar win over Johnnie Cook. The slight reaction time advantage went to Hagar who then ran a 12.950 on his 12.93 dial opposed to Cook's 9.781 on a 9.73. 

Dan Beauch got the W in McCormack Racing Sportsman when Ken Nodine turned on the red light.