Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #1 lost to rain

We've really had enough of all this rain and wanted to do our best to get today in, but that isn't looking possible at this point. We don't know where you would even pit. This place is SOAKED and we aren't expecting a bit of sun to help the cause either. Unfortunately, we are cancelling today's (5/13/18) Fleet Doctor Bracket Points Race #1. 😞

Fleet Doctor Bracket Results for April 29th

The 2018 Fleet Doctor bracket season kicked off yesterday, April 29th. It was a tough day of competition. We saw a blend of regular Milan Dragway bracket racers along with some different faces, but the Milan Dragway regulars took the win in every class of competition. We hope to see the different faces back shaking things up and becoming part of our group of “regulars” as the 2018 season goes on.

Our S & S Customs Super Pro Motorcycles decided to join in with the Insurance Man Super Pro class for the day to have a little extra fun before their points series starts on Sunday, May 13th. 

The Masta Performance Pro winner was John Linnabary from Taylor, MI after a tough start to his day. This was a great comeback for him after a tough 2017 season. Lance Provost (also from Taylor, MI) had a better start in the final round with his .009 light to Linnabary’s .019 light. Linnabary stopped the clocks at 9.234 on his 9.23 dial while Provost ran a 10.145 on his 10.11 dial. 

Codie Balcom from Maybee, MI was a little too eager in the final round of McCormack Racing Sportsman when he lined up next to Scott Fennell of Swanton, OH. Balcom was -0.006 red giving Fennell the automatic win.

Off the starting line it was anyone’s race in Insurance Man Super Pro, Bob Payton of Fowlerville, MI had the slight reaction time advantage over Will Crawford from Westland, MI. Payton was .013 to Crawford’s .016. Down at the finish line a 6.179 on the 6.17 dial gave Will Crawford the win over Payton. 

When you come to Milan Dragway on a Sunday, don’t expect to see any easy wins. These bracket racers are as tough as they come. 

Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Sportsman Champion


Mother Nature has spoken, she decided our champions for the Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Bracket Program today when she gave us rainy weather that won't allow us to run our final race of the series. 

Below we discuss the McCormack Racing Sportsman Championship:

Lining up next Johnnie Cook this season has been a risky thing. This man finished #1 in Sportsman Mini Series, #3 in Pro Mini Series, #5 in the Sportsman Main Series, qualified for Team Milan in Pro, and WON at Division 3 Bracket Finals in Sportsman. When I say it was risky to end up next to him, I mean it. He had an EXCELLENT season. This Fall Mini Series Sportsman Championship only proved what we already knew: Johnnie Cook was on FIRE. It was no easy feat for him though as the main series Sportsman champion, Greg McCurry, was on his tail only 21 points out in 3rd place coming into our final race. Only 10 points behind Cook in 2nd place was Nathan Long who made his mark on the Sportsman class during this mini series. Ultimately, Cook's solid performance had him in that top spot coming into the final race so he locked in that championship today. There is something to be said about a strong beginning and middle, especially when at the end the weather gets so risky for this sport. 

Congratulations to Johnnie Cook on this championship and what I consider to be an excellent season of racing!


Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Super Pro Motorcycle Champion


Mother Nature has spoken, she decided our champions for the Fleet Doctor Fall Mini Series Bracket Program today when she gave us rainy weather that won't allow us to run our final race of the series. 

Below we discuss the Super Pro Motorcycle Championship:

Race #4 was an important race for Joe Novak Sr as him and Ron Raymond were tied for points going into it. A bad day for Ron and a decent day for Joe Sr sent him to the top of the list. There was no clear champion coming into this final race as the Top 3 all had a real shot at the title. Ultimately, a good Mini Series showing and Mother Nature determined that Joe Novak Sr would again be our Fall Mini Series Super Pro Motorcycle Champion with son Joe Novak Jr. right behind him in 2nd place for a second year in a row. The two Novaks and Ron Raymond filled the Top 3 positions in both of our Super Pro Motorcycle series this season. These are some EXCELLENT riders!

Congratulations to Joe Novak Sr on another championship this season!